At this time, Christmas 2020, you may or may not decide to decorate your holiday home.

If you carry out ‘Fogging’ on a regular basis, then it is likely that all items in your home are virus free.

Christmas trees and decorations are unlikely to be cleaned and disinfected, but are low risk as they are not high touch items.

A common-sense approach should be taken with perhaps a sensible amount of decorations used and consideration given to the location of decorations.


 Christmas Trees

If you are having a real live Christmas tree, then ensure that it is planted into a pot and watered.    Live trees can easily dry out and this can make them highly combustible and if in contact with a spark, could start a fire.  Avoid placing trees away from a heat source e.g. fires and heaters

Ensure that you purchase artificial Christmas trees from reputable suppliers and that it has a CE mark as a minimum.


Christmas lights

The enclosed link gives really useful guidance on checking the condition of Christmas lights. Again, ensure that lights are purchased from a reputable supplier.

Christmas Lights Safety


In summary check the following:

  • Condition of the insulation cables
  • Condition of the bulbs and replace if required.  Throw away if you cannot repair.
  • Check the condition of the plug tops
  • Check to see if they are for use in indoor or outdoor or both settings.
  • If you change a fuse, use the same amp
  • Do not overload extension leads, use a suitable length and plug into an RCD protected circuit


Christmas decorations

 Ensure that items are firmly fixed where possible and avoid candles that can be lit within flammable items.    Consider the location of decorations if children or pets can have access and they could cause injuries.


Electrical Safety 

Remember to PAT test electrical items that are more than 2 years old!