Having read some comments within Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about when holiday homes/lets can open, I decided to check it out.

It’s worrying, there are various requests from the public looking for holiday accommodation and don’t seem to have any idea of the restrictions in place.

So, below are the links to each of the government sites and this is what they are saying.


UK government and England

The advice from the UK government is that all holiday homes for letting out to paying guests are closed and I was unable to find a date that they could reopen, so it’s in the control of the government at this stage.


Within Scotland there is a very strong message coming over loud and clear that all holiday homes are closed due to non-essential travel and no date has been mentioned regarding reopening.


Within Wales a date of 26 September 2020 has been mentioned because on that date the specific regulation expires to keep holiday homes closed, but the current regulation is being reviewed every 21 days.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is following the advice of the UK government at this present time.


Follow the relevant government advice for your location

I’ve said this before, although we are in the United Kingdom, each country is going to do its own thing.

It’s coming over loud and clear that each Minister in charge of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will go at their own pace and implement their requirements for holiday homes let out to paying guests.

If you want to keep up with the pace of legislation within the UK for holiday homes then sign up for membership at holidayhomesadvice.co.uk   It’s only £49 for the bronze membership and you won’t be disappointed.



The UK and England









Northern Ireland