Guests will love properties that have hot tubs.  A chance to soak away all those stresses and strains of the past few months whilst in the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19.


However, can the hot tub lid be removed easily?


If the lid is heavy, this will make guests disappointed when it becomes a ‘2 person job’ to move the lid or they really struggle when moving the lid.

Over time, hot tub lids will deteriate as the foam insert will absorb moisture and this will inevitably make the lid weighty.


 How long does a hot tub lid last?


On average a hot tub lid lasts between 4-5 years before it needs to be replaced.

UV radiation from the sun, falling debris (like tree branches or ice), and user inflicted damage can all drastically reduce this lifespan however.


 Increased energy costs?


Over time the lid can become difficult to fit and this can result in increased costs in energy due to a poorly fitting lid as the heat is escaping when not being used.




Want to know more about the safety aspect of owning a holiday home let out to paying guests?


Holiday homes advice is an online service which allows you to check the facts.  What we do is look at the legislation and good practice and give you the facts.  We do not rely on newspaper articles or social media for our evidence.


Why do I need to pay for membership when I can see the law for myself on the internet?


In a one stop shop, you can see the law and good practice for all countries within the UK and this saves you time on the internet trying to find the right information.   We also have links which will take you to relevant websites which give you further guidance.


What are the membership levels?


Bronze Membership at £49 per year


This give you access to the library of over 50 topics which show up to date UK legislation and guidance.  There is a template in word for a fire risk assessment which you can download and use for your own property. This template is suitable for a small 2 storey family home or equivalent. There is also a template in word for a health and safety risk assessment. You can also send in any questions and these will be answered by email.


Silver Membership at £79 per year


This is bronze membership plus any questions explained on the phone if required.  We will carry out a desk top based written review of the Fire Risk Assessment for your property and provide you with a report.


Gold membership at 139 per year


This is silver level membership plus desk top based written reviews of your fire risk assessments up to 5 properties and a NOP/EOP template for swimming pools.


Corporate membership


This is by arrangement with Julia Livesley after discussions of your business requirements.


What is a NOP/EOP for swimming pools?


NOP stands for normal operating procedures and is the document where you would record the day to day procedures that carry out for the safety of the pool.  Its things like the chemical dosage and weekly pump checks.


EOP stands for emergency operating procedure and is the document there you would record the emergency procedures.  Its things like dealing with foreign bodies in the pool.


This is normally required for properties where the swimming pool is shared between several families or is on a holiday park.


What if the topic I want to know more about is not on the website?


If the topic you want to know more about is related to Fire Safety or Health and Safety, we will carry out the research and ensure that this is posted in our library.


What if I have up to date information myself on a topic?


We always welcome any updates and if you can provide links to that update, we will carry out our own research and update our library accordingly.