I love the HSE website.    As a Health and Safety Consultant you can always rely on the HSE providing factual information and here it is …….  All you need to know about fogging ……………..


It comes over loud and clear that any business/holiday home owner offering fogging as an option to eliminate the Covid-19 virus must have a risk assessment which clearly states the procedures that trained employees will follow.


This risk assessment will have elements of the manufacturer’s procedures within it.


Having trained personnel using the fogging machines will ensure that the elimination of the Covid-19 virus takes place.


Employers should also keep training records and certificates of those persons who have been trained.


In the wrong hands of untrained persons, its just not worth it.    So, please take a look at the HSE guidance below:







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What is a NOP/EOP for swimming pools?

NOP stands for normal operating procedures and is the document where you would record the day to day procedures that carry out for the safety of the pool.  Its things like the chemical dosage and weekly pump checks.


EOP stands for emergency operating procedure and is the document there you would record the emergency procedures.  Its things like dealing with foreign bodies in the pool.


This is normally required for properties where the swimming pool is shared between several families or is on a holiday park.


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