Over the last few months in this very difficult time with Covid-19, the newspapers have been very busy enlightening us with information prior to government announcements linked to the Corona-virus pandemic.

A lot of media posts now are suggesting what the government will be telling us in advance of it happening.

For me, my reading skills have increased.  I want to know the facts and as soon as there is a tweet, post, article then I am on the case looking for the evidence of how sound it is.

As of today, these are the facts!


Northern Ireland

Arlene Foster, the First Minister of Northern Ireland had announced the date of 26th June for opening holiday homes.



Mark Drakeford, the First minister of Wales has announced that as long as everything is going to plan, holiday homes can be open from 13th July 2020.



Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland has announced that the plan for opening holiday homes in Scotland is from 15th July.


I think that we will all agree that for holiday home owners who are letting out their property to paying guests that the notice period that the First Ministers have given us is extremely welcome in these difficult times.



So tomorrow Boris Johnson is building up to his big announcement for England.  Will the 4th July happen for holiday home owners or is it going to be another date?    I guess that the newspapers will be telling us tomorrow morning in advancement of the official announcement.



Within the UK I think we have all grown used to the fact that each of the countries within the UK are going to do their own thing and long gone are the days when we will be united in our missions.


Well, this is very representative of how the law and guidance for holiday lets/homes has changed over the last few years and dependant of the location for your holiday home in the UK, there are different rules.


Scotland has been very busy whilst we have been following Brexit and as a holiday home owner who is letting their property out to the public you are the only country in the UK that must have an EPC certificate.  Scotland is definitely on the path of a greener country.


Wales has been focussing on fire safety within the last few years and new build properties are fitted with a fire suppression system.  The County of Powys in Wales requires a holiday let/home to have a fire suppression system fitted if you are converting a family home into a holiday let/home.


England has made a small contribution to the greener country regarding the use of wet wood next year.


Northern Ireland tends to follow what England suggests, but at a slower pace.


Holiday homes advice is an online service which allows you to check the facts.  What we do is look at the legislation and good practice and give you the facts.  We do not rely on newspaper articles or social media for our evidence.


Why do I need to pay for membership when I can see the law for myself on the internet?

 In a one stop shop, you can see the law and good practice for all countries within the UK and this saves you time on the internet trying to find the right information.   We also have links which will take you to relevant websites which give you further guidance.


What are the membership levels?


Bronze Membership at £49 per year

This give you access to the library of over 50 topics which show up to date UK legislation and guidance.  There is a template in word for a fire risk assessment which you can download and use for your own property. This template is suitable for a small 2 storey family home or equivalent. There is also a template in word for a health and safety risk assessment. You can also send in any questions and these will be answered by email.


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This is bronze membership plus any questions explained on the phone if required.  We will carry out a desk top based written review of the Fire Risk Assessment for your property and provide you with a report.


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Corporate membership


This is by arrangement with Julia Livesley after discussions of your business requirements.


What is a NOP/EOP for swimming pools?


NOP stands for normal operating procedures and is the document where you would record the day to day procedures that carry out for the safety of the pool.  Its things like the chemical dosage and weekly pump checks.


EOP stands for emergency operating procedure and is the document there you would record the emergency procedures.  Its things like dealing with foreign bodies in the pool.


This is normally required for properties where the swimming pool is shared between several families or is on a holiday park.


What if the topic I want to know more about is not on the website?


If the topic you want to know more about is related to Fire Safety or Health and Safety, we will carry out the research and ensure that this is posted in our library.


What if I have up to date information myself on a topic?


We always welcome any updates and if you can provide links to that update, we will carry out our own research and update our library accordingly.